Durian + Whisky 750ML

  • 700ml of Durian Whisky
    Harvested from the most premium King of Durian:

    Musang King.


    Every glass of Durian Whisky is packed with the natural flavor and aroma of the prized Musang Kang. 

    You are also ingesting in all the anti oxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals of the premium fruit with every sip.


    Perfect unique gift bottle for reunions, gatherings and celebrations.


Located at: 

1 Magazine Road, o1-o1 Central Mall

Singapore 059567

Reach us at:

+65 9025 2524 ​


Durian Whisky is a beverage crafted from the blend of :

     1) The fermentation of Durian Musang King Flesh which at the end produces an alcoholic liquid base.

     We then add this with a pure whisky base

     2)  Alcohol fermented from grains


     And the combination result is a never ever before myth defying delicious cocktail blend of Durian Musang King with whisky.

     Please take note that and do not be confused thinking that this drink to be a whisky to have been fermented from Durian flesh. Whisky was added after.

     It is also not 37% alcohol which is the standard for Whisky classification. This is a cocktail blend of Durian + Whisky.

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